The complete source code of IdealIRC
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IdealIRC - Internet Relay Chat client
(c) 2021 Tom-Andre Barstad and contributors.

Licensed under the Software Attribution License.
See LICENSE for more licensing information.

Source code located at

The goal for IdealIRC is to provide a modern compliance of the IRC protocol. It aims to be a simple IRC client
with only the bare minimum for comfort implemented. The intent is to extend the client using scripts.

There is also IRCv3 support which fixes some of the issues with the protocol, such as:
- Account tracking using "account-notify" and "extended-join"
- Away notifications.
- Invite notifications - Allows privileged channel users to see when someone is invited to their channel.
- Multiple prefixes - Mitigates a bug in the IRC protocol where users with with multiple privileges only listed
the most significant privilege.
- Userhosts in /NAMES

For more info about IRCv3, visit

For general help with the client, visit

For building instructions and source code documentation, visit