• Stable 1_1_0 48189c58a1

    Version 1.1.0

    Tomatix released this 1 year ago | 0 commits to master since this release

    #2 Implement DCC

    • Added: DCC Chat.

    #6 Consider removing or hiding the toolbar

    • Added: GUI option to hide/show the toolbar.

    #13 Improve the server editor

    • Added: SSL option for individual servers.
    • Added: SASL option for individual servers.
    • Added: Checkable buttons for managing individual servers.

    #70 Show QUIT message for user if their query window is open

    • Added: Message in Query window if the user quits IRC.

    #90 IRCv3 server-time

    • Added: Support for timestamping chat history upon joining channels.

    #95 Better error handling / display

    • Improved: Show error code and message when SSL connections fail with "Unhandled exception".

    #102 Improve the message parser

    • Improved: Parser for inbound data from IRC servers is now more flexible at handling new features as well as IRCv3 extensions.

    #103 Topic in channel's titlebar does not change

    • Fixed: Refresh titlebar with new channel topic when it is changed.

    #107 Looking up channels and nicknames isn't case sensitive

    • Fixed: Case-insensitive lookup of the internal storage of channels and users.

    #109 Topic doesn't show in the Channel Settings dialog

    • Fixed: Corrected how topic clear command works (/topic -c #channel)
    • Fixed: ChannelSettings.iis now handles channel names case-insensitively

    #110 New script functions: strupper, strlower

    • Added: Script finction strupper(string) that makes the input string all upper-case.
    • Added: Script finction strlower(string) that makes the input string all lower-case.

    #111 Server password isn't sent using the Options dialog

    • Fixed: Use server password from configuration.

    #112 Make use of the tray icon

    • Added: Context menu when right-clicking the tray icon.
    • Added: Double-clicking the icon toggles the program's visibility.

    #114 Message highlighter doesn't work

    • Fixed: Added missing functionality that prevented this to work.

    #117 /KICK nickname in channel doesn't work

    • Fixed: Missed check of channel parameter existence.

    #118 ValueHolder seems to have breaks in some if..else if...else chains

    • Fixed: Corrected an issue in the script engine related to logical operators.

    #119 Support IRCv3 tags

    • Added: Support for the message-tags IRCv3 extension.

    #121 Add config options to enable/disable IRCv3 features

    • Added: Own tab page in the Options dialog to enable/disable IRCv3 features.

    #123 Remove the "Backround image" tab

    • Removed: Background image option in Options dialog. This was only half-done and not working as intended anyway. Might see a come-back.

    #124 SASL

    • Added: SASL PLAIN authentication
    • Added: Configuration option in the Options dialog to set SASL PLAIN credentials

    #127 Re-joining seems to only populate a few of the actual users in channel

    • Fixed: Corrected the clean-up procedures for the internal storage of members.

    #132 Clear nickname list in channel when parting

    • Improved: Clear the nickname list when leaving a channel (ie. by /part and the window is therefore still open)

    #133 Replace servers.ini with servers.json

    • Improved: Changed to use JSON format for servers due to how much information we need about each.

    #134 Improve editing and adding servers

    • Added: Double-clicking the columns in the editor allows editing on-the-fly (and auto saves).
    • Added: More intuitive "add server" dialog box.

    #137 Create a pre-populated servers.json with a few popular networks

    • Improved: More servers and networks in servers.json.

    Various source code cleanup (Issues #17, #27, #125 and #143)

  • Stable 1_0_1 22a5c7f277

    Version 1.0.1

    Tomatix released this 3 years ago | 81 commits to master since this release

    #68 QUIT message isn't always sent

    • Bugfix: Ensured that the configured QUIT message is used when closing status window, using tool buttons and when
      no parameters were given to /QUIT command.

    #99 Re-join on re-connect crashes

    • Bugfix: Prevent message parsing if it looks incimplete (missing \r\n in buffer)
    • Added: New configuration "ReconnectDelay"; in the settings GUI, this is a spin-box next to the reconnect option.

    #100 Menu item "Help" -> "Online wiki" doesn't work.

    • Bugfix: This menu item now opens a web-browser to the IdealIRC wiki website.

    #101 No MOTD file present causes client not think we're connected

    • Bugfix: Consider server-registration done when we also read the "No MOTD file found" message.