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IdealIRC changelog.
Issues at
Version 1.0.1 - July 8th 2021
#68 QUIT message isn't always sent
* Bugfix: Ensured that the configured QUIT message is used when closing status window, using tool buttons and when
no parameters were given to /QUIT command.
#99 Re-join on re-connect crashes
* Bugfix: Prevent message parsing if it looks incimplete (missing \r\n in buffer)
* Added: New configuration "ReconnectDelay"; in the settings GUI, this is a spin-box next to the reconnect option.
#100 Menu item "Help" -> "Online wiki" doesn't work.
* Bugfix: This menu item now opens a web-browser to the IdealIRC wiki website.
#101 No MOTD file present causes client not think we're connected
* Bugfix: Consider server-registration done when we also read the "No MOTD file found" message.
Version 1.0.0 - January 2nd 2021
Initial release. Implemented an IRC client which is light on features.