The complete source code of IdealIRC
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s: string
i: integer
d: double
a[T]: array of type (s,i,d)
Event name Arguments Description
start IdealIRC starts
exit IdealIRC exits
connected Connected to server
disconnected Disconnected from server
privmsg (s)sender (s)target (s)message Message sent by 'sender' to 'target'
notice (s)sender (s)target (s)message Notice message sent by 'sender' to 'target'
-ctcprequest (s)sender (s)target (s)command (s)message CTCP request from 'sender' to 'target'
-ctcpreply (s)sender (s)command (s)message CTCP reply from 'sender'
nick (s)sender (s)newNickname 'sender' changes nickname to 'newNickname'
-wallops (s)sender (s)message Wallops message from 'sender'
join (s)nickname (s)channel 'nickname' joins 'channel'
part (s)nickname (s)channel (s)message 'nickname' leaves 'channel'
quit (s)nickname (s)message 'nickname' quit IRC
kick (s)nickname (s)who (s)channel (s)message 'nickname' kicked 'who' from 'channel'
mode (s)sender (s)target (s)modes 'sender' sets 'modes' on 'target'
-topic (s)sender (s)channel (s)topic 'sender' sets topic for 'channel'
-invite (s)sender (s)channel 'sender' invites you to 'channel'
-kill (s)sender (s)message 'sender' killed your connection
-error (s)message Server sent an error message
numeric (s)code (a[s])parameters (s)message Raw numeric messages